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Celebrating 10 Years of the Anne Boleyn Files with a giveaway!

Posted By on February 17, 2019

I can’t quite believe that it’s been 10 years since I wrote my very first post on the Anne Boleyn Files website, but it’s true! 10 years of researching and writing about Tudor history full-time, and what a journey it’s been! I’ve met so many wonderful people on that journey and received so much encouragement and support, and I feel very blessed.

I love the research and writing I do, but what I really love is sharing it with others, receiving feedback, talking Tudor and interacting with people from all over the world that share my love of Tudor history.

When I wrote my first post on this website, I really didn’t believe that anyone else would ever read it. I saw this blog as a diary of my research and practice for my writing. I never for a single moment thought that it would turn into what it has. So many things have led from that, it’s incredible.

I couldn’t have done any of it without the encouragement and support I receive on a daily basis. Just when I’m feeling fried, that I just can’t do it anymore because there’s too much to do, I’ll receive a message of thanks and that’s all it takes to raise my spirits. It’s wonderful. As a thankyou for all the support, I’m doing a giveaway of some Anne Boleyn goodies – my course on The Life of Anne Boleyn, the Anne Boleyn colouring book, an Anne Boleyn (or Elizabeth I) t-shirt, a signed copy of my forthcoming book, The Anne Boleyn Collection III, plus a mention in it!

Usually, when I run a giveaway or a competition, I get you to leave a comment about something, but this one’s a bit different. You can enter in lots of different ways and also ‘earn’ extra entries by taking ‘actions’, for example, just visiting The Anne Boleyn Files Facebook page. As always, it’s open internationally.

Here’s the widget which allows you to enter, but if you can’t see it on your device then you can go to https://gleam.io/qj3PF/anne-boleyn-files-10-year-anniversary-giveaway

Anne Boleyn Files 10 Year Anniversary Giveaway

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted By on February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day is filled with love and joy whatever you’re doing today.

To celebrate the day of love, I thought I’d share some resources with you that are related to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn and their relationship, when it was happy!

Of course, Anne Boleyn was linked to other men before she became involved with Henry VIII and you can click here to read more about them.

Recently, it has been claimed that Anne Boleyn was in love with Henry Norris and you can click here to read more about that.

Here’s a video I made asking “Did Henry VIII love Anne Boleyn?”

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Jane Boleyn – Did she help bring down Anne Boleyn?

Jane Boleyn – Did she help bring down Anne Boleyn?

Today is the anniversary of the execution of Jane Boleyn (née Parker), Lady Rochford, on 13th February 1542. She was executed at the Tower of London with her mistress, Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII. The two women had been found guilty of high treason by an act of attainder, Catherine for her […]

Anne Boleyn Questions – Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers?

Anne Boleyn Questions – Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers?

The question “Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers?” always makes me smile, although I know that the asker means six fingers on one hand! The idea that Anne Boleyn had an extra finger is so prevalent. I see it coming up all the time on social media and it also appears in historical novels, as […]

Who was Mary Boleyn? – Part 2: Mistress of two kings?

Who was Mary Boleyn? – Part 2: Mistress of two kings?

When I asked for your questions about Anne Boleyn so that I could do a series of videos answering them, I also received quite a few questions on Anne Boleyn’s sister, Mary Boleyn. Fiction such as The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a movie and adapted for television, has made many people interested […]

7 February 1526 – Declare I dare not

7 February 1526 – Declare I dare not

On this day in Tudor history, 7th February 1526, in the reign of King Henry VIII, the annual Shrovetide joust took place at Greenwich Palace. The king jousted that day and he wore an interesting motto: “declare je n’ose”, or “declare I dare not”. What did this motto mean? Was the king in love? Was […]

Anne Boleyn Questions – Who was Mary Boleyn?

Anne Boleyn Questions – Who was Mary Boleyn?

Not a week goes by without me receiving at least one question about Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, so I thought it would be good to cover her in my video series on ‘questions about Anne Boleyn’, even though she isn’t Anne! Mary Boleyn is such a popular historical character, but are our ideas […]

Anne Boleyn questions – Did Anne Boleyn miscarry a deformed foetus?

On this day in history, 29th January 1536, Queen Anne Boleyn suffered a tragic miscarriage. It is often said that she miscarried a deformed foetus, or even a “monster”, but is this true? In my latest “Anne Boleyn questions” video talk, which you will find below, I take a look at what the contemporary sources […]